Screen time discrepancy

I have screen time on for my daughters iPhone. She constantly trying to get around it.

Screen time shows in insane 10h for a particular day. When you look at the individual app usage though it does not add up. It’s making me question the effectiveness of screen time.

Is she bypassing this someone. I wonder what happens to time tracking if you delete an app that is using most of the time. Maybe it’s counting widget time now? My Screen time numbers have been higher than normal since those came out.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I do not use screen time any longer. It just was not useful for me. :slight_smile:

You should not trust this feature too much. Those numbers are indicators for her usage, but they can be misinterpreted or even flawed to some degree.

And many more - look for screen time in this community.

Regarding the grey bars or app usage not adding up:

So, tapping on “Show categories” and drilling down from there should provide more detailed information.

But do not trust Apple’s screen time too much. It might be better to somehow get back to a point where your daughter understands what is good for her and what not and to trust each other and to talk to each other about it. Please do not misunderstand me, I do not want to sound rude or anything and I know that this is not easy or possible in every situation. :slight_smile: