Screen Time reports seem kind of useless

Screen Time seems more like Run Time to me. There are 168 hours in a week, and the total Time for all my apps is probably in the neighborhood of 500 hours.

Does anyone derive any benefit from these reports? Am I missing something?

Even by Category it’s still useless arbitrary.

I’ve had the same predicament. Screen Time does not distinguish between beneficial activities vs. time-wasting.

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I have the same issue with run time showing instead of focus/active time. Another oddity is that (for me) Pickups on macOS only reports data for Finder and Chrome. Notifications works perfectly, though.

Does anyone know if Big Sur will improve this?

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I have three things that I’d like to see fixed–at a minimum. 1. I keep a lot of apps open on my Mac that I use throughout the day. Screen Time counts any open app on my Mac as running and counts it toward usage time. So, I have about a half-dozen apps that I sometimes use (apparently at the same time) 10 hours a day (or whatever). 2. Screen Time does not consider related Mac and iOS apps to be the same app. So, for example, I have separate usage times for OmniFocus on iOS vs. Mac. I’d rather those just be aggregated. 3. I’ve set up screen time limits for certain websites that tend to be fun distractions (admittedly, this is one of them). The problem for me is that I cannot set up a limit per website, rather the aggregate time spent across all the time-limited websites counts against each website individually. I’m a grown up and I only use this to create a little bit of friction so it’s easier to stay on task. But I would be grateful if I could have much more granular control.

On the other hand, reading my kids’ screen time reports has been at least moderately helpful for me to gauge their usage.



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