Screen Time on Mac shows usage all day

I have setup Screen Time for my daughter and either there is a ghost using the Mac all night, or I am doing it wrong. I find Screen Time very confusing.

Screen Time was successfully regulating her iPad usage but then I set up a family Mac (2015 MacBook Pro running Monterey 12.4, if that matters) and it is acting as if someone is using the machine all day. Every day, I have to override the App Limits, because “App Usage” shows the Mac was used for 24 hours, even if the lid was closed and the Mac was idle overnight.

Wondering if this has to do with Sleep settings.

I don’t understand the app usage stats. It often shows one app used for several hours (almost always, which she runs using Safari). But sometimes there is no obvious culprit. And the numbers for apps don’t add up to 24 hrs, but the bar graph shows gray (which it does not define) for some number of hours, often all 24. Other days, it shows less usage.

I don’t have a satisfying resolution for you, but I can offer what I believe is likely the dissatisfying truth: Screen Time on the Mac is broken. It may be wise to seek other tools for this purpose (and thankfully, that is an option on the Mac). I haven’t looked into this, so I don’t have anything to recommend, but perhaps others could help you find an alternative tool (unless there is a reason you need to use Screen Time for this).

Have you tried having having all of the users of this family computer log out when they are done using it? Maybe fast user switching plays a part in your mystery?

LOL. Seems so.

Good idea, will try.