Screen time shares!

Using Cortex as inspiration, here are some shots of my screen time view. Do you find yours accurate? I think I do, unfortunately :face_with_monocle:


I just updated to iOS 12 and Screen Time is counting time in the Overcast app as “social networking.” It’s also counting the total time listening. This isn’t very helpful. This morning I’ve interacted with my phone for a minute or less to set a podcast to play in the car while driving, but it shows nearly two hours of use when I’ve hardly touched it except to find the podcast and hit play. Is everyone else’s screen time working like this?

I’d love to know how much time I’m wasting on real social networking, but podcast listening for professional development shouldn’t me counted as social networking IMO. Can this be adjusted somehow?

I don’t think ScreenTime has a good concept of what screen time is.
It seems to count time for apps running in the background, such as Doty pointed out, but also apps like Discourse.