Screen zoom when presenting in Keynote?

I’ll be giving a presentation this week that I built in Keynote on macOS and may need to zoom some of the slides to highlight key portions (I don’t have access to the room where I’ll be presenting until about 30 minutes before I go on).

On Windows, ZoomIt is the go-to for expanding what’s being shown on the projector; is there anything like it for macOS/Keynote?

I don’t think there is any way within Keynote to do this, although I believe it could (by accessing the zoom feature in Accessibility) before the Great Redesign of about a decade ago.

The Logitech Spotlight Remote does this. If you need to zoom on an ad hoc basis this might be a good option. It also has the ability to highlight and to emulate a laser pointer (in several colors).

If you know what you want to zoom, a better option might be to build the zoom right into the presentation with transitions and actions.

I’m sure others will chime in with even more possible solutions.

The zoom feature in Accessibility works fine in Mojave 10.14.3. I use it in my presentations. Now, if I could just find a way to use presentation mode in Keynote (like Powerpoint provides) I would be a happy camper!

Accessibility Zoom works for me, too.

But have you tried it to Zoom a Keynote in Presentation mode? Don’t work fine there at all!

Yep, that’s the challenge. It kind of zooms, but you can’t pan around.

In presenter mode it just moves the presentation off to the upper right as it zooms slightly.

Ini mirroring, it does something similar.

Very strange behavior.

I used to have an app that could magnify parts of the screen and it worked well with Keynote. I can’t find it now; it had a name that had the word “oom” in the title, I’m pretty sure. I might be on my laptop; I’ll check there when I can and if I find ti I’ll let you knwo what it was.

A quick consultaiton with the Googles doesn’t turm up anything I remember using. It was at least two years ago.

Moom, perhaps?

I don’t think so. That was a typo. It had the word “Zoom” in the title. But I don’t think it was Zoomit.