Screencasting options

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a solid video/audio screen casting solution, mostly to use in my college teaching. I have played around with the popular choice Screenflow, but at $170, I’m not sure that is great value. I downloaded OBS as an open-source solution, but without much help, the program is pretty confusing. I played with ActivePresenter but it feels like I’m emulating a PC. I have used ScreenCastify and ScreenCast-O-Matic but they’re not very professional. I like Loom but not looking to pay a monthly fee and its purpose is not really long-form screencasting.

Any thoughts on what has worked for you?


I’ve been using ScreenFlow for about 12 years (e.g. to edit all of the video content on Learn OmniFocus), and I continue to be a big fan of this app. It’s feature-rich, well-designed, and can handle simple and complex projects (and everything in between).

p.s. I notice that Telestream offers an educational discount.

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I have used Camtasia. They offer educational discounts. A feature comparison between it and Screenflow is found here. Both apps are in the same class.

As far as it goes, the end result in video quality will depend less on the software and more on having an appropriate quality audio input for your voice recording as well as keeping a consistent approach to how the content flows in every recording.


Screenflow is awesome. It’s half price when a new version hits the AppStore. They do that to allow users to “upgrade”.

Hi Tim,

Thanks so much! I have enjoyed many of your Learn Omnifocus screencasts-they are certainly high quality. I did check on the educator rate, but it’s only 10%…better than nothing!


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Thanks! Today I downloaded ScreenShot X and it is certainly an excellent app and does a fine job with screencasting. This may be the short term solution. This is an app that could be priced much higher!