Screencastonline or macstories - what would you choose?

As in the title - if you should subscribe for one service of either screencastonline or macstories, what would you choose?

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That’s going to be user specific, I suspect. Using me as just an example (your mileage may vary), my reading time is limited, while I have more viewing time (on the treadmill most days). So I found I just wasn’t reading the Club Macstories issues, while I did consume a fair amount of Screencastsonline videos while on the treadmill. This isn’t a knock on Club Masteries at all — to the contrary, the content was good. I just didn’t have the time for it, unfortunately. In the past, I was the opposite, and always hated when people made their content available via video rather than text.

I had Screencastsonline subscription for a year. I enjoyed it quite a lot, but it got to the point where most of the new software was stuff I just wasn’t interested in, so I let it drop. It’s really handy if you are wondering if that new app might suit you because they usually give you a pretty good idea of what it can do. I think if I did it again, I would get it for a month or two, catch up on all the stuff they did in the last couple of years and then let it drop again.

Macstories just isn’t my kind of thing, so I can’t say anything either way about them. Both sites seem very different to me, so I guess it would depend on what you are into more.

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Those two are so totally different. Screencasts online teaches apps and Macstories assesses them.


I agree they’re pretty different, both when considered as research tools and as entertainment. Maybe switch between them every couple months?


I have been a Screencastsonline subscriber since I got my first Mac. It has been a fantastic way of getting to know the Mac (later also the iDevices) and a lot of software. For new users in the Mac and iOS universe, Screencastsonline is a very, very powerful and entertaining tool and way of getting to know the “Apple tech world”. I still keep the membership because I enjoy going back to stuff (I do not watch as much as I had been doing in my first years). SCO is more than the weekly updates: the website and the app (I prefer the one on the AppleTV) is a very useful database of video content. Many videos are still useful even some time after their release (months and a lot of them even years). The SCO magazine (app) is entertaining and provides additional content.

Macstories is something totally different (like @Katie and @cornchip have mentioned). I tried them out when they started their subscription and it is good, but they are a different ball game: it is more about their news, their loooooong reviews (too long for me), their weekly newsletter, their deals and what not. Macstories is great, too, but it really is not as much as either or with SCO and Macstories because they really are different from each other.

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Thank you all! Pretty obvious that it is Screencastsonline i’m going for. For me, it wasn’t so obvious what Macstories could offer. But it is the thorough tutorials i want aka Screencastsonline.

The macstories guys have changed direction recently and, while I imagine it appeals to a lot of their subscribers, I’m finding the noise to signal ratio is going in the wrong direction for my tastes.

There are a lot more words. And most of them are about automation using shortcuts, or obsidian.

I suspect their new positioning is good for their business, and I think that’s great, but I regret subscribing to their premier package.