ScreenFlow and Final Cut

If I record with ScreenFlow, is it possible to edit that file with Final Cut?

As far as I can see you’d have to export it as a video file, rather than be able to access it directly.
Which would be annoying if true.

Not sure what you’re trying to do , but is ScreenFlow the right tool? (I’ve found it isn’t for what I do, which is not ScreenFlow’s fault)

Wouldn’t that be true for any screen recording software? Or does Final Cut offer screen recording natively?

I don’t think FCP has screen recording capabilities, otherwise it would put everyone else out of business.

I’ve only done native screen recording on iPad and Mac, and used OBS.
In each of those I’ve received a file in a folder somewhere I can just use in FCP etc.

For ScreenFlow, it seems you have to record, then export in a separate step. Not the worst thing in the world, but an extra step that may reduce quality (or not if done correctly).

I may be misunderstanding something though.

(edit: not counting really short things in Tapes, Loom, even Zoom etc)

You’ve got it right. I would export in ProRes with whatever is the 100% resolution option. ProRes is in the Manual tab of export in ScreenFlow. OBS has a lossless format too, right?

This possible reduction of quality is true, but it’s not really an “extra step” from a video processing standpoint. The same logical steps (capture, convert/export) are involved with Screenflow as with other software. It’s just that other software sometimes automates the “file export” step - and there’s no guarantee that it automates it in the “lossless” direction.

All of this is worth noting if file quality is important.

Screenflow is a decent video editor also. Unless you are doing pro work I would recommend just doing the edits in screenflow and then export.


I agree. My question was only meant as a discussion starter.

Cleanshot’s a good option. I use its competitor Dropshare for the same purpose. I have its recordings to auto-upload to a B2 bucket and auto-copy the URL because that’s my typical use case, but it’s easy to retrieve for other purposes.