Screenflow users, best guess on when v.10 will be released?

I want to buy a second license for Screenflow but I don’t want to buy another v9… its been 16 months since 9 was released.

release time between 8 to 9 was 15 months
release time between 7 to 8 was 12 months

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Hello Past Me,

Screenflow 10 is now out and it is awesome. Enjoy!!

Future Me to you Present Me to me.


I ran version 1 and 2, back when it was the talk of the town and not owned by Telestream.
So it still holds up?

yes and they seem to have put the 19 months since v.9 to good use. Lots of new goodies and an updated interface. Will be delving into it more in the coming days…

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after a month, I can just say wow. While screenflow is the app we reach for when its time to make a screencast, they have really upped their “video editing” power so we can easily use this as a more than capable video editor. I am so happy with this.

Now I wish they would duplicate the Video Editor functions and make a standalone iPad Pro app with it.

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Good to hear. Still have v9, and holding off on upgrading to v10 – but seems there have been some good improvements. Separate audio channels to record, seems like a really useful change, so will probably take the plunge sooner rather than later…

Screenflow has become one of my most used apps. For anything that does not require Premiere level work, I am using Screenflow. The interface is organized and nice and tight.