Screens for Mac Mini

I have ordered a new Mac Mini i7 to replace my current 2011 model. The screens i am using are very old and are not HD. From what i can see Dell UltraSharp are good and I am thinking of getting two 24 inch screens. Given what I do work wise, I want two screens as I often run multiple documents simultaneously. Any other suggestions please? Thanks

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I run a pair of 4K Dell P2415Qs on either side of my iMac. They’re very good and are available at a good price if you shop around.

Just got a Mac mini last week and my new LG 27UD58 27" monitor just arrived yesterday and I’m really happy with it. It’s a huge upgrade from the crumby old Dell 1080 monitor I had laying around. Color and detail are great.

You may find this post helpful: Monitor for MacMini - Resolution

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If you’re thinking about two screens, Amazon Woot is selling LG Ultrafine 4Ks for $269.99 each (they’re refurbished, 90 day warranty, if that matters to you).