Screens on iPad

Screens is my go-to way to access my Mac from iPad when on the go, but I can never get it to maximize screen space on my iPad Pro 12.9. Is there a setting I should change to get it to at least minimize the letterboxing?

I looked into this previously with the same setup, established that screens resolution is driven by the Mac mini physical connection and there wasn’t anything that could be changed.

Jump desktop was suggested as an alternative that would maybe offer greater flexibility with resolution but I didn’t get around to looking into it.

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I am typing this post on a Mac Mini during my lunch break.

I am connected to the Mac Mini using Jump Desktop remotely from my work PC that runs on a 1920 x 1200 Dell Display. Jump scales nicely to this resolution without any letterboxing. No issues. :slight_smile:

EDIT: The same is true when I am using Jump Desktop on the iPad when connecting to the Mac.

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I’ll echo what others have said here. Jump Desktop handles the scaling really well — no fiddling required. It’s why I switched from Screens.

Typing this from my Mac mini via Jump Desktop on my iPad Pro - thanks everyone for the recommendations. This is a much better option to maximize the screen real estate of this iPad. Appreciate it!