Screens to use Mac with iPad as Screen

I did try to follow up on a previous topic, but no-one has responded (and this is quite specific)

I’m looking to remove a Monitor at home and my Mac Mini seems like a prime candidate to run Headless.

I use it as a Media server and for backing up my Photos to BackBlaze, plus a bit of basic browsing. My iPad is my main computer, and I’d love to use it within my house to use the Mac and worst case, use the iPad as a “Monitor” for the Mac where it’s stored

I currently use the ipad VNC app when I need to “remote” in to the Mac, but despite the Resolution on the ipad being far superior to the Mac, VNC displays the screen full height on the ipad which mean that I need to scroll side to side to use the app, it also means I have to use VNC in Mouse mode, rather than my Apple Pencil as the mouse.

  1. Do you need to purchase Screens for both the iPad and the Mac
  2. When the Mac screen is displayed through Screens on the ipad, does it scale to show the whole whole Mac screen?

You only need Screens for the iPad. On the Mac you need to enable screen sharing in the system preferences.

Screens will show the full Mac screen and you can zoom in and out and scroll around if you need to see smaller details.

Thanks Darran. appreciate the quick response.

Those were the answers I was hoping for. Wanted to check before dropping a very worthwhile £20 on an app which will solve a problem for me.