Screenshot workflow for iPadOS

Hi guys,

I am really making a concerted effort to able to work equally well on both MacOS and iPadOS - my goal is to be able to ditch my laptop during business travel.

I am currently working on my screenshot workflow - I capture quite a few in order to provide support to customers. I tend to store them in a folder on Dropbox or iCloud so they are available on both platforms. I don’t want them in my Photo library

I use native screenshot annotation and markup in MacOS and whilst it is not super fancy, it does most of what I need. I have been recommended to try Monosnap for desktop but have not yet done so.

My struggle on iPadOS is that most apps that are good at doing annotation and markup cannot import a screenshot from a file provider - they are all expecting screenshots to be in my photo library. I even had a play with GoodNotes to see if it could help with quick markup. Whilst technically competent, I could see no quick easy way to drop in an image, markup it up, and then share it with users in a service desk ticket.

Maybe I am over-cooking this one, and there are much simpler workflows, approaches or apps I have not discovered yet.

I don’t have any problem paying for good apps and services to help me work.

Lastly, I don’t have a Pencil for my new iPad yet, and think that at least some of the friction will disappear when I do (but not the ‘file management’ side).



Have a look at Annotable. You can do a variety of markup (text, lines, circles, arrows, etc.) and it can do this from the share sheet in the Files app.

All of the annotations in the screenshot above were done without a pencil.