Screentime issues?

Every weekend I’ve been looking at my screentime report when I get that notification about it. It’s been pretty consistently showing an average of about 4 hours a day. But this weekend it dropped to 2. I think I used my devices slightly less this week, but no way was it half as normal. So I dug in a little more and see that my iPhone didn’t report any screen time use at all for Mon - Thu. (I combine iPad and iPhone usage together). I defintely used my iPhone those 4 days, why didn’t screentime log any usage?

I’ve had no end of problems with Screentime. About 2/3 times it shows an average of 2 hours a day, and 1/3 times it shows 1 min a day. Often times the list of activity is just blank. Some times the blank list fills in after 2 or 3 mins of waiting. Every month or so it randomly deletes all its history. It seems like an alpha feature tbh, which is a shame because I think it’s a really good idea in principle :confused: