Screentime locked before I’ve used it

I’ve been on the beta for a while now, but my wife just joined iOS 12 today like a normal person.

I went to show her Screentime and a password was already set before she’d ever used it. She never set it as she had literally just installed iOS 12. And we can’t figure out what the password is.

She’s a parent/guardian in our family (just the two of us). Not sure how that would affect it?

The only help seems to be to backup, nuke, and reinstall? Anyone have a better idea?

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apple id?

needless chacters

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This happened to me as well – the passcode was an old (4 digit so several iOS versions ago…) lock screen passcode that I believe I had used for Guided Access (in Accessibility prefs) on another device.

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I have the same issue. Wrote to Apple Support on twitter and their best answer was a nuke and pave. That won’t happen for a while. Such a pain to set up a new phone