Screw size and length for Apple Pro XDR VESA Mount?

I have an Apple Pro XDR on a VESA mount. The screws stick out of the mount and do not sit flush so that the monitor wobbles.

I cannot seem to find the size and length of the screws that will fit into the Apple Pro XDR Vesa Mount.

Does anyone know the answer?

Thanks in advance.

Hope you find the right size screws but if not, perhaps pack it with some washers to take the slack out if it.


The right screw length will depend on what you’re attaching the XDR to. The product page says the XDR VESA adapter gives you 8mm of thread.

I figured it out with a trip to my local hardware store.

It uses M4 screws. I had to buy smaller ones and add 2 washers but not it is snug.

Thank you.