Scribble - love it!

Having started trying out Scribble properly I must say that I absolutely love it. I feel like Apple notes may become my go to app as it seems to work much better than say in drafts. Has anyone else experienced similar results?

Just one quickie… Is there anyway to stop the keyboard appearing when you either tap the screen to place the cursor or just purely by accident?

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I like it, too. Apart from having to start the Scribble inside the text field - even if there’s only one on screen.

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how else would the scribble feature know you want to start writing instead of using the pencil for interface interaction?

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I don’t disagree, actually. It’s just irritating when I start writing in the wrong place. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

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The little bit I’ve tried hasn’t been good. I have horrible handwriting so the accuracy is < 75% for any given sentence. Takes more time to correct than to just type it in the first place.

This is my issue with it, too. There’s now an interesting UX tension on the iPad. Good UX for keyboards leads to the convention of putting text boxes at the bottom of the screen, since the text is visually closer to the keys you’re using to enter it (as in Discourse!). Good UX for Scribble, though, means putting text boxes higher up.

I doubt we’ll see apps accommodate Scribble much in this way, but it certainly leads to a better experience in apps like OmniFocus/Things/MindNode where text shows up at various, higher, places on the screen.

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It works great with apps optimised for it, like Things, but really bad for others like Notability, LiquidText.

It’s also really difficult to edit without the full-size onscreen keyboard.

Scribble has been the perfect UI addition for me. There were so many times I was using iPad with pencil in hand and would have to put it down to type something in a small box (like a note in a pdf) and then pick it back up. Or I’d use the floating keyboard and use the pencil to peck out the text so I didn’t have to put it down. That sounds like laziness, but it’s a terribly inefficient process. Being able to go from pencil gestures, to just writing on screen is so natural. I also get near perfect accuracy of my handwriting, even when sloppy.

Some apps, you don’t quite have to be in a text field so long as you’re close to one. I found that out the hard way in mail. Sometimes I like to use the pencil to push the send button, but if you do it wrong it activates scribble rather than sending the message. Then I find I have a new e-mail address I have to delete based on whatever I mistakenly scribbled. Also, once you start writing, you can write just about anywhere on the screen. You aren’t constrained to the text box.

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A fun discovery this evening: Scribble works in Textastic.

So if I’m working on a Markdown document in a git repo, I can hand write and then commit and push my changes using Working Copy. Nice!

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