Scribbling: I think I like it

I’m one of the lucky few(?) that still has MyScript Stylus installed on my iPad – and relieved that it made the transition from my iPad Air 1st Gen, through to my 1st Gen 12.9" and now, my 2nd gen 11" iPad Pro.

I seem to recall @MacSparky mentioning that he had issues with it towards the end, but I always found it to be working well. They deprecated it, and AFAIK, rolled it into their Nebo note-taking app.

MyScript essentially serves as an additional keyboard, and looks similar to one of those “magnified” windows in Notability/Goodnotes, that “zooms” in on a selected window for you to input text with the Pencil. I have always found it to be ridiculously accurate – considering my handwriting – and on the odd occasion that I do need to go a ways back to edit something, tap-holding the “globe” icon takes me back to the standard keyboard, that allows me quickly edit anything.

I really hope that Apple pays the necessary attention to Scribble, to get it to that point – since I presume that MyScript will reach the end of its road eventually (kind of surprised it has lasted so long already!).

And now for something completely different: Some replies here indicated that it was occasionally tricky to write within a small space, like a URL address bar?
IIRC, I saw some YouTube reviews where they started “scribbling” within that space, but then pretty much wrote all over the screen thereafter (as in, did not stay within the defined area), and it picked up the text just fine. I have tried it, and this seems to work over here, quite well – provided you “scribble” as one complete sentence, without pausing. Just figured I would mention that!

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There are a couple of other apps that work like MyScript Stylus, an additional keyboard at the bottom of your screen that does handwriting recognition. Too lazy to look up the names. They work about as well as Scribble.

It got terrible for me.


Personally I find it so much easier just using voice to text. I tried to write my question several times but with all of the quirks and moves and mistakes, it was just too difficult.

What I wanted to know was when using scribble, how do you move to a new paragraph? Is there a symbol or something you need to gesture to move to a new paragraph???

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