Scribbling: I think I like it

It has taken a bit of getting used to but I think I like it. I am just not used to handwriting anymore!


@MitchWagner >> same here.

Saw in one of the YouTube reviews that the annoying quirk of it jumping to a new paragraph in Notes, each time you momentarily pause in your writing, is unintended and will be fixed during the Betas.
That is a relief.

Other slight annoyance – I am really battling to write a " . " – each time I try, it reads it as an intended ‘tap’ by the pencil, not an attempt to write a [period]. Also haven’t figured out how to write out my email address with [first name].[surname]@[gmail].[com] >> cannot get that [period] in the middle of my name to be properly captured, nor in the [gmail].[com] part…

Early days, hopefully will get fixed – will submit feedback on it!

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Had the same problem with periods. I found that making a tiny circle worked for me.

I’m really impressed with Scribble, especially that it recognizes both my printing and cursive writing so well.

One issue I have is I can’t use it to post to this forum (just tries to scroll).

Also, not sure it’s faster than my highly-trained thumbs :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the suggestion iro the [period] — will give that a go.

And yes, recognises really well — which, given my handwriting, is no small feat!


It is really neat.

However, I am wondering if we’re going to see a UI change in many apps that place the input text field right at the bottom. I was just testing it in Discord and it was effectively impossible to use, as you only get a 1cm tall box at the very bottom of the screen to scribble into.

Or maybe we’ll get used to new habits, switching inputs as needed based on UI. Hmm!

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Are you all talking about

No, iPadOS 14 features a new Scribble input method with the Apple Pencil:

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Thanks! That’s what I get for not following WWDC. 🤦

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In a way, though, we are all scribbling together (on the iPadOS 14 beta).


I haven’t used this a lot, but when I tested it out, I was amazed. I had very low expectations for it – thought I would have to print very slowly and carefully to get anything close to accurate recognition. But nope, I could pretty much just write at my normal pace with my normal handwriting, and it was nearly 100% accurate. I didn’t do much more than filling out some short text fields, so I’ve no doubt it needs to be fine-tuned, but this is going to be a real game-changer, in my opinion, and will make the Apple Pencil a much more useful and necessary tool.

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I’m really excited about this. I think better with a pen then I do a keyboard. Guess it’s a generational thing. The idea of writing in OmniFocus, MindNode and even email is why I originally bought an iPad Pro

It takes more getting used to than I thought. I use handwriting so infrequently that I almost have to re-learn to do it. I need to be mindful of every letter I write.

Before yesterday I could go weeks or months without handwriting … well, anything. Lists? Go in the iPhone. I don’t leave notes for my wife; I text her. And so on.

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I do scribble quite a lot offline and I don’t think I will enjoy doing so on an ipad. The texture of the screen, the resistance between pen and the screen’s surface, the tactile feel of the whole thing just isn’t good enough. Besides, lot of recognition stuff does not recognise my mother tongue and because of that the dictionary is probably poor … so I continue using pen and real paper :slight_smile:
BUT I will of course test the thing when it becomes available.

LOL. In exactly the same boat!

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FWIW using Scribble to edit crashes Ulysses pretty consistently, but Drafts works fine.

I used it for the first time this morning In OmniFocus and replying to some emails and thought it was cool. The weird part was writing in the small areas that those apps provide. Clearly not intended for handwriting

I’m finding the onscreen floating keyboard seems to work better in situations where I might use Scribble.

How do you mean? As in, leave it off to the side for quick corrections, whilst using the Pencil as the main input?

I use goodnotes all the time, so my handwriting has gotten a little better. It is hard to write long replies in Scribble, as sometimes I get ahead of the engine and then my words are out of order. and like Siri, when Scribble starts to go off the rails, it really goes off the rails!

How do I know? Iam writing this whole reply in scribble. Yes, there will be about as much cleanup to do as if i had dictated this Reply.

One pro tip for me is viewing this forum via fig instead of Safari. The reply window is way larger!

No, I mean I think the floating keyboard works better for me than Scribble for occasions when I’m holding the big 12.9" iPad Pro in my hands.

My Scribbles definitely need keyboard correction. The handwriting recognition doesn’t work all THAT well for me.

I think I’ll stick with Scribble though. I want to improve my handwriting.

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