Scribd vs. Audible

Hi all

As an Audible subscriber, I was looking for a book that wasn’t available on Australian Audible but is available on Scribd (In Cold Blood).

I have to say that I rather like Scribd after the first 10 minutes of using it. Plus you’re not limited to one book per month.

What is everyone else’s experience?

One book a month? Audible isn’t offering other plans.

No personal experience… What’s yours? Price comparison please?

With 500 audio book library I’m interested in other possibilities. My local library also has tens of thousands of audio book for no direct charge. …still i find books to buy.

I tried Scribd when they introduced their subscription (2013?). Was pricier and more limited than it is today. Limit was 3 books/month when I looked into them again a year or two ago, though there’s a small limited selection with no monthly limit.

The iOS app seemed great.

As I’m sure you noticed Scribd offers a 30-day free trial, so you can listen to that audiobook for free while you decide. But and also have that book, also have similar pricing, and 30-day free trials, and given that they specialize in audiobooks they might have a wider selection than Scribd…

Just a comment here, the subscription models are different.
Audible subscription model is basically, each month you are provided a credit to buy 1 book. This book is yours forever even if you cancelled subscription.
Other models are just subscription in the sense that you lose the books once you stop paying for the service.


There are several levels of subscription at Audible. I get 24 books at any time in year. Books are less than $10 US apiece.

Thanks all. Personally I have no desire to keep the audiobooks after reading them - I’d be paying for something I’d rarely use. Especially when the downside is I’d only get 12 books per month included.

So it comes down to range, which Audible is great with, but not sure yet with Scribd. Free trial will tell!

Does your public library system support audio books?

Yes (great idea) but I find the range to be poor compared to Audible.

FYI Scribd just initiated a sale on StackSocial - 1 year subscription for 21% off: US $85 (AUD $120), or 6 months for US $45.

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So a pay/subscription “public library” for digital…

Private libraries preceded public ones, in real life as well as virtually. Nothing especially outré about it…