Script error for Chronosync

I want to use Chronosync to backup filed from my iMac to the Synology NAS. The sync process works great but I need to mount the volume every time the iMac has gone asleep or rebooted.

Econ software recommends creating this script but I get an error when I test run it telling me the following:

error “Finder got an error: The command exited with a non-zero status.” number 1

I am hopeless with scripts and have no clue how to solve this problem.

Any help or alternative solution is much appriciated :slight_smile:


Not answering your question, but I successfully used AutoMounter to mount the shares on our server at school.

Edit: I think the script you linked to is only for local drives, as mounting a NAS share would use a URL like smb:// . (Unless there are unknowns that I don’t know about.)

I vaguely remember going through something similar a month or two ago when I started with Chronosync, and discovering what John said. Have you tried checking the “Mount this drive before syncing” (or something to that effect) box in your sync task?

Thanks I was hoping for an app :ok_hand:

Yes I tried with the full path to the NAS the script does mount the drive but I have no clue about the error message. If I can avoid writing code or scripts I will :crazy_face:

I will check again :slight_smile:

I use the option in ChronoSync to mount before copy and it works ok.

I figured it out.
Turns out I needed to enable SMB services for Bonjour on my Synology NAS.
Removed the associated keys from the keychain and relinked to the Chronosync rule.
Tested it by changing the scheduling to every hour, ejected the drives, restarted the iMac etc. Every time again Chronosync reconnected to the dedicated volume and did its job.

Thanks for your help.