Scripted Way to Pull in id3 Tags

I have a podcast network and currently, have 6 shows going out every Wednesday. Tuesday nights are filled with me filling in ID3 tags for each episode. I’ve got the system down to where it only takes about 20 minutes, but that’s time I want back! I know there has to be a way.

I keep all the data in Google Sheets right now and copy the 3 pieces of information I need and use ID3 Editor to quickly do the tags.

Anyone with some bright ideas on creating something that will work with multiple shows? I’m willing to pay for some scripts! :slight_smile:

What tags are you setting?

Track, Title, Comment are the things that change every time.

ID3 Editor comes with a command line tool called id3edcmd. You could add a column to your spreadsheet with a formula that would insert the tag values in the right place to construct the full command. Then you’d just copy/paste that into Terminal, specify the target file, and hit return.

Like @ecormany said. Also you could use AppleScript since your tags are accessible via the iTunes track object.

I was hoping to automate that even more. Something more like right-clicking the mp3 with some sort of “insert tags” option. I’ve looked at the id3edcmd before and couldn’t make heads or tails of it

yeah - I think AppleScript is more where I’m leaning, but just don’t know how

Are your MP3 files stored in iTunes, or as stand-alone files? Or some other way?

Stand-alone mp3 files.

After looking into this a bit, I have to concur with @ecormany and agree that id3edcmd is probably your best bet.

There is an app wrapper called Platypus ( that can make your command into a droplet. I have used this app, and corresponded with its author, and I believe it is safe.

You can do the same thing with Script Editor but Platypus makes it a little easier.