Scriptwriting software suggestions for elearning?

Hi MPU peeps -

Anyone have a favorite piece of software they use to outline, write out the script that will be used to do demo videos to be captured with Screenflow (or other desktop capture software).

David - if you see this … what are you using? :man_shrugging:

Scrivener is my go to script writing app. It helps me outline and keep track of what stage of the process each scene is in. This is a video on how I use it. If you need a more detailed explanation, please let me know.


I don’t think you need and special software, just a file with columns for video and text


The above came from this short Youtube video.

FYI you might find useful this free ebook on screencasting.


I’ve used Scrivener to plan presentations that then need some sort of screen capture. My needs are simple so I rarely script the actual screen capture stuff but I scriipt my text and voice over.

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Thanks -
After I posted I remembered I own Scrivner… and got to work! It’ll work out just fine! :slight_smile:


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Thank you for sharing your Scrivener script writing video @SciJoy, I found it really insightful and will be taking another look at using Scrivener for scripts now. I like the way you have organized by color coding and custom statuses etc.

I’m also going to check out that voice activated teleprompter app, very cool, thanks!