Scroll w mouse on iPad?

Got a bluetooth keyboard and mouse working on the iPad Mini 5.

But for some reason when in an app like Safari, I can’t get the scroll wheel to work to scroll up and down the page? Did I miss an obvious setting somewhere? Thanks in advance! – Chris

Ahhh, I see now, Click and Drag. :slight_smile:

Myke Hurley and CGP Grey were just talking about this on Cortex #96: Levels, Levels - Relay FM, and Make said something to the effect of:

“It’s best to think of the mouse as a replacement for your fingertip rather than a mouse.”

So if you run into a situation using a mouse with the iPad and something doesn’t work, ask yourself: “How would I do this with my finger?”

I’m still surprised and disappointed that the Magic Trackpad doesn’t work. I’m hoping that Apple improves this feature in iPadOS 14 to include text editing / selection / etc and work with more devices.

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That’s strange, it works fine with my Logitech Master. The scroll wheel works as expected

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Oh that is weird. Also using Logitech. And it’s also weird that the scroll wheel works like you’d expect in the Settings app, but not Safari?