Scrub through AVI file

My dashcam produces voluminous 5-minute clips of avi formatted video. I need to scrub through (probably by playing through at 2x or 3x speed?) - I’ve tried iMovie and it shows no video, just audio. Same for QuickTime. MKPlayer works, but has no fast-forward options.

I need this for just this one purpose - quickly go through these videos, and then save excerpts and/or screen captures of selected interesting items. Nothing else, so I need it to be either cheap or free. My Google-Fu is failing me so far.


The free VLC player handles AVI video (since, as you’ve discovered, Apple players don’t), and you can change the viewing speed.

I own an unlocked version of Elmedia Player, which is similar to VLC, just a bit slicker. But for your needs VLC should be fine.


What about VLC? (Sorry, just saw @bowline post) or DaVinci Resolve? Both free.

There is also HandBrake which (I believe) will allow you to convert AVI files to MP4 or other formats.

VLC is doing the trick, thanks!