SDXC card reader specs in Mac Studio?

I’m curious if anyone knows the specs for the SDXC card slot (UHS-II) in the Mac Studios?

You can use SD-Cards up to UHS-II with the Studio.

Yep, but I’m wondering what the read/write speeds of the card reader is, as they vary from hundreds of MB/s up to 10 GB/s.

As far as I know means UHS-II: “Up to 312MB/s”

Here’s a UHS-II card reader comparison from 2020, that lists the various read/write speeds, and the prices for them varies wildly from $20 to $200. So I’m curious what Apple is using.

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While all of those speed-classes are more or less theoretical, it seems that the Studio could have a problem with it’s card reader, as I found at least a few complaints of Studio-User on the internet (e.g. this YT-Video) about this topic.
It seems, that the reader might, at least in some cases, only work up to UHS-I.

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