Search app recommendations

I’ve been using the Google app to do searches. It works but seems slow to load and comes up with a lot of articles I don’t really need when I just want to search.

I was thinking of maybe a shortcut to do the search and pop into safari.

I’m wondering if there’s a better app or way that people are searching

DuckDuckGo is a great search engine, and they have a companion iOS app. Might give that a shot, see if it fits the bill.


can you provide more details of how ‘slow’ it is to load.

In terms of coming up with intended search result, this site may help , at least for me

I’ve used Duck Duck Go for at least a decade with good results

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This isn’t an app I’ve ever really come to grips with it, but it has a small following of dedicated users, and the DEVON forum recently suggested it’s actively in development for an upgrade soon. Worth checking out?

PS I think one of the things it struggles with is APIs to resources behind paywalls, institutional subscriptions, and so on. In my case, as a Humanities academic, that means databases like JSTOR. But other (Open Source) databases might give you better results. Usability will depend on where you do your searching.