Search or Tag usability in forums

Just thinking out loud about how tags could be better used in these forums

  • Adding a tag to a topic or post after the fact. As somebody asks about software or alternatives, then anyone could add a tag for the newly mentioned software name.
  • Cleaning up of tags - For example, I love finding out about new software and apps and would like to see all the posts linked together, but sometimes if the name is common (like transmit) somebody misspells the app or includes or excludes a space (path finder vs pathfinder), then it’s more difficult to find.
  • when adding a software tag, then also adding which device. Then you could search the app and device combination as well, to see if something is more common on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  • using tags to fine tune troubleshooting for an OS version like Mojave or Catalina. Probably less useful for iOS version.
  • A tag cloud to see what other tags are commonly referenced. An example would be finding about different alternatives to a software you didn’t know about.
  • abbreviations for software. Like DT for devonthink and CCC for Carbon Copy Cloner

I guess this was more about how I use the search and the limitations of search in these forums.

Thanks for listening.

Once users reach a high enough trust level they can edit/add tags, the category, and in some cases even the post title. Discourse manages the trust levels themselves and what is associated with them.


Cool. That makes sense. How does one gain more trust?

It’s a combination of things, posts being liked by other members, active participation, regular login, and so on. It’s an algorithm that adjusts everyone’s trustworthiness all the time based on a number of factors.

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Thanks for letting me know! Guess, I’ll have to be more active to get the things I want. :smile:

Trust levels are explained here. :smiley:

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Cool. Had never seen that before. Thanks