Searching all previous app purchases

Is there a way to search for all Mac and iOS App Store purchases you have ever made?

On my iPhone, I can go into Settings / iCloud Media and Purchases / Purchase History but there is no way to search for something I bought. It just divides things up by year (and I have purchases back from 2004). To make matters worse, a lot of the items were from the weekly freebies that iTunes used to give away so I have way too many things to go through.

You can request a copy of your data from Apple.

Thanks, @WayneG! I will give it a whirl.

If you go into your Purchased items in the App Store, there’s a search

App Store \ Click on your photo in the top right \ select Purchased \ My Purchases

There’s a search bar right at the top.

Just be conscious that anything which was 32 bit cannot be downloaded.

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