Searching an exact phrase in Spark mail -- impossible?

I feel like I must be missing something. Is it impossible to search for an exact phrase in Spark mail? I feel like I used to be able to.

If I put a phrase in quotes, like “working on”, I expect to only get results containing the phrase “working on”. But I get every email that includes either “working” or “on”… or even emails with words that contain the letter combination “on” in a longer word (like “longer”).

So what am I missing?

+1 for difficulty searching in Spark. As I use it as a front-end for GMail, I often perform my searches there. Not the ideal case…

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One of the main reasons I switched back to Apple Mail. (Then again, the fact that I can survive on Apple Mail probably means Spark wasn’t for me in the first place :slight_smile:)

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I’m so frustrated with this! I can’t begin to tell you!

In fact, I’m amazed that there are not more people talking about this.

I have never used Apple mail because I assumed instinctively that it would lack certain functionality, but at this point I’m starting to almost regret that decision on the basis that search has to be one of the most simple and required things you can do in email.

I’m annoyed.

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