Searching and storing podcasts? Perhaps also video content?

Like many in the community I listen to whack ton of podcasts. This leaves me with content I want to either:

  • save the whole copy of - many bookworm podcasts have enough content, I want to be able to lookup again later
  • sometimes I want snippets - many time MPU and Focused have great idea fragments and I just need five minutes

In both cases I want not just the audio, but also the transcribed text saved.

So far I:

  • download podcasts to my computer and transcribe them (MacWhisperer)
  • I put the transcription and the mp3 file DevonThink

The weaknesses this approach:

  • DevonThink doesn’t that an SRT file has a relationship with the podcast or video file. Ideally it would allow me to select a sentence and jump to that portion of the podcast/video
  • MacWhisperer isn’t (yet), designed for me to highlight text and export the audio/video that corresponds to the highlight

I looked at snipd - since it supports highlighting podcasts, however its weakness is that all only my highlights are exported. Whereas I want to export: [All the Text|Highlights] and trimmed audio/video.

What are others doing to make it easier to store/search podcast/video? Do you transcribe? Do you have a clever way of storing the transcription and audio file together? Does your approach handle highlighting?

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I’ve yet to find a simple way to save snippets as I’m listening to a podcast. Some apps have tried to do this but I’ve yet to see an elegant solution.

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Thanks for helping me feel I’m not alone even if there aren’t any useful answers yet.

what is an 'SRT" file? DEVONthink 3 has all kinds of ways to link files in general. Via tags for example. That is a system I use. I don’t have any system for putting MP3 files together with transcripts though. I don’t use transcripts at all actually. Or put the transcript in “comments” or as an annotation? There is plenty of room in the comments box on DEVONthink 3 for most stuff. Or even put your snippets in the comments: totally searchable and that is the beauty of DEVONthink 3. You have to get used to using search and the AI capacity.

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