Searching Apple Mail in iOS surfacing results that do not match the query

I have a frustrating e-mail search issue with Apple Mail on iOS and am wondering if others have experienced it or have any idea how to troubleshoot it. The generic description is that I enter a search query and the correct results appear, but then within a few moments, the contents of the entire mailbox that I am in shows back up and the search results are lost or buried in the haystack again.

Here is a more specific example. I search for an e-mail I know was sent by a person, so I enter that person’s name and accept the token. I know the message has an attachment so I type attach and select the token. I know the e-mail contains a specific word that (in this case) would be very rare to find in any other e-mail. So I type that word, but it’s not a token. In a moment, the very e-mail that I am looking for appears just as you would expect. Then it flashes the word “searching,” and the full contents of my inbox appear. To be clear, the search query in the search box is still active. This is not a case where the searched word would be in any of these emails–unless it’s somehow magically in some hidden metadata in every e-mail that’s ever been sent to me.

Any ides on how to fix this problem?

Any chance you could post a video of what you’re doing?