Searching in RSS Readers

It’s been awhile since this topic has been addressed, so I thought I would bring it up, with a somewhat unique twist:

For awhile now, I’ve been using DEVONThink as a central repository for newly published articles in academically relevant topics, as described at It’s a fantastic way to pull in research from several sources and filter out the articles that are most interesting/relevant to me.

My question is this: Are there any RSS Readers currently available (particularly for iOS/iPadOS) that allow searching locally? All of my trainees have an iPhone and/or iPad, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to replicate some of this search/filtering directly in an application at a lower price/complexity entry point than DEVONThink. I know Feedbin and a few other RSS services allow searches/filtering on the server side, but I’m looking for something more flexible. One day, one of my students may want to filter through recent publications looking for articles on asthma, and the next day they may want to see what the newest literature is on treatments for cystic fibrosis.

Any thoughts are, as always, greatly appreciated.

I’d like to give my thought, sorry if my English is not too clear :slight_smile:

Do you mean:

  1. filtering articles from feeds that are already stored offline, or
  2. filtering articles from feeds that ever available from that certain RSS feeds?

If the option 1

any RSS reader can fetch the “currently available/latest” feeds. You can then filter by search query, but not as advanced as DEVONthink (no boolean, NEAR operator).

For your students, I will recommend NetNewsWire ( It is a free and open source RSS reader available on both iOS and macOS, and let you store local feeds or connect to Feedbin and/or Feedly (more to come).
The search query is advanced enough that if I typed “pain recurr migraine” in the search box, it will filter and find the article like the following (I highlighted the target sentence to the right of page)

Other common alternatives that available on both macOS and iOS are Reeder 5, Fiery Feeds. Both paid apps. And if I test searching for the same search query in Reeder 4, it cannot found where NetNewsWire can:

If the option 2

None that I know of. No offline RSS Reader application able to filter/search article that ever available from certain feeds.

Most feeds only hold 10 articles, the oldest will be replaced with each new article published to that feed. Offline RSS Reader can fetch only currently available articles, then you have the option to always store anything that you ever fetched.
You can even accidentally skipped some articles if you rarely refresh/fetch for articles.

You can search past articles for popular feeds on most online RSS reader (like Feedbin/Feedly) because their server/database have stored them.

I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. After I sent out my request, I actually stumbled across NetNewsWire’s search, which was more robust that I’d realized. It’s not quite the same as how I have DEVONThink set up, but it could be use in somewhat similar ways.

As an aside, Lire is another RSS Reader I have on my iOS/iPad devices, and it does allow you to set up saved searches, as well.

Definitely, it seems as though there is some opportunity for a different kind of RSS application, if someone was so inclined.