Secondhand Mac prices

I’m in the market for a secondhand Mac Mini (for a family member). Looking for a model that can run a fairly recent version of macOS. Which is basically the case for the 2014 and 2018 models.

When looking around I notice how overrated these machines are. I mean, no matter what, but a 2014 Intel Mac Mini may be able to run current tasks, it is and stays a 8 year old machine with an architecture that has been abandoned by Apple. And I’m saying this a someone who uses his Mac’s for quite some time before replacing them.

Still, prices in the range of €/$350-500 are not at all unusual. At least not in this part of the world. More often than not machines with HDD’s, low-specced CPU’s and max 8GB of RAM. And it seems these are machines that have been heavily used in offices. While a brand new M1 Mini can be bought for €799/$699 or less.

I think Mac users need to get a bit more realistic about the resale value of the old machines.

This is not a request for offers, b.t.w.

As the once proud owner of a G5 PowerMac I can confirm the resale valve took a big hit after the move to Intel.

I still have a working 2011 iMac 27`` on the second desk next to me.
It is still working very well, and is doing e.g. Video encoding for me.

After taking a look at the second hand offerings listed in my area, I decided to just take Apple’s offer on the trade-in value for my 2017 iMac i7 with 1TB of SSD. They are paying around €500/- for it. Much less than what the second hand market is asking, but again, so many old listings and “recently reduced price” listings that I decided not to bother with it.

Old tech is old tech - kinda low monetary value. However, setting it up as a second computer or handing it off to a family member with lighter computing needs might still be a good option for many of us.

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That’s what I usually do. However, the Macs that I currently own are either too old (i.e. not a good replacement) or in current use and needed by myself.

That’s not what some Mac users seem to subscribe to. And don’t get me wrong, a 2014 or 2018 Mac Mini is still useful to some people. But that doesn’t mean it’s still valuable.

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As always, something is only worth what someone else will pay for it.

If people try to overcharge, they will not sell.

Having said that, Macs are supported for a long time by Apple and don’t tend to break. The transition to Apple Silicon will accelerate the depreciation for older Macs though.


Low end Macs’ used prices have a floor because there are always people who want to get their first Mac at the lowest price possible, so they’ll buy anything that will work.