Secrets 4 Password Manager - FREE lifetime! Offer may last for a day

Go for it FAST!


Options > Store > Secrets 4 Password Manager Editing + Sharing lifetime license


After using 1PW, nothing else comes close :man_shrugging:


This is it right here.

1Password is the king. Nothing else is in the same dimension. Bitwarden is the next best, but 1PW is leagues away.


I just posted this as an FYI and an alternative to other password managers. It’s free, simple, and a native app. Many members don’t like subscriptions as well which 1PW is.

I’m in team Bitwarden, open source and free. Plus, don’t want to add another subscription. 1PW for me doesn’t offer anything extra that Bitwarden doesn’t. That could be different for some people, as 1PW is a good app without a doubt.


I just paid for another year of 1Password, because it offers a lot of value to me and I trust their approach.

Since I have been downloading every Indie App Santa offer, I tried Secrets 4 as well / anyway. It looked rather amateurish to me.

Are there any good reviews that show this is a serious competitor for 1Password, Bitwarden, etc.?

The developer launched this version on Reddit some months back

Unlocked! Thanks for posting this.

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I actually almost always unlock when offers like these come up and when there’s a chance to do so. Not only because I like exploring alternatives and tinkering with tools (as we all do here), but also while I may not have immediate plans of switching (from Bitwarden in my case), it may come in handy at some point, or it may serve a particular purpose alongside other apps. Looks like a well-built and well-designed app.


There’s a website with more information on Secrets 4 at

Here’s a 2 minute video of Secrets in action

I’m going to check Secrets out. Strongbox hasn’t been mentioned and that may also be worth considering.

I use Bitwarden, too. 1PW may have more UI polish, but I don’t spend hours at a time in a password manager and can’t justify spending the extra money for that. I also like that BW is open source. I’m not a FOSS fanatic, but I like that Bitwarden’s user base includes a lot of people who are capable of checking the source code.

As for the smaller native ones, I’m all for supporting indie devs and they make some great apps. But I’m not trusting my freaking passwords to app from some obscure dev, especially when it hasn’t been independently audited.

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Has 1PW been indecently audited?

I don’t use 1PW, but iirc, it gets audited regularly. I have no idea whether it’s done in an indecent way, though! (“Sir, does an audit really require putting your hands there?”) :rofl:

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If they brought out a Linux version (for me) and a Windows version (mostly for my partner) I’d love to give Secrets a serious try, I’m not as satisfied with 1P as I used to be.

Bitwarden looks solid but I worry it would be a bit more technical/clunky than my partner would be up for.

Agreed. These were all my exact sentiments about switching from 1P to BW.

Tried all of the other options, and I also liked 1P when I had a license. I agree, it’s the best paid app.

But ultimately, I am spending so little time in a password manager that I am fine with the bare bones interface. In fact, I’ve grown to prefer it.

Haven’t really noticed anything significant that I miss since switching about a month ago. BW has room for improvement but overall it’s been fine for what I need it to do.