Secrets Password Manager

Can anyone share the pros and cons of using Setapp’s Secrets as a Password Manager. I want to replace 1Password.

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Secrets looks very promising, especially tempting is the fact it can import from 1Password. I downloaded the trial and will take it for a 10-item spin. $20 to make it unlimited items.

Interesting. I look forward to hearing how it works.

So far works pretty similarly to 1password. An export to a .1pif file was easily imported and seems everything transferred. It has a browser extension. The only thing, so far, that I can find missing is it doesn’t have as many password generating options as 1password does (ie, a string of memorable words). It has a password history and vulnerability check (via Have I been pwned). Files can be stored in iCloud or locally (not sure where yet), can unlock with FaceID, TouchID or AppleWatch.

Seems the company has been around since 2017. Not as long as 1password. It think I started using 1password around 2008, so it has built up a lot of trust in that time.

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Each macOS and iOS/iPadOS so $40 in total.

Files are stored in ~/Library/Containers/com.outercorner.osx.Secrets/..
Because of that some other manual way of syncing is not possible.

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What you’re saying here is that the password file is stored locally and iCloud sync is the only choice, is that correct?

It is using CloudKit and CloudKit sync via your iCloud account to all linked devices. The files will not show up on your iCloud Drive, but the locally held copy (for when being offline) can be found under the path mentioned above. Yet I haven’t looked into the files in detail.

Yet, it seems to me that you could technically decrypt it yourself, yet you need to dig deeper into the tooling mentioned here: Secrets – Security Overview

Secrets looks like one of the most promising alternatives to 1P that I’ve found so far. Another one is Enpass. There are a couple of non-free products (CodeBook and DataVault) that I haven’t looked at yet.

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I started using Secrets yesterday thanks to this email. Since I have a Setapp subscription it was easy to download and start adding stuff from 1Password. Instead of importing, I see this as an opportunity to clean up the database and start fresh. The one thing that I really like about the app is the way you can add the site’s icon. I had been looking at BitWarden but, unless I’m mistaken, this is not possible.

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