Security and 12.6.2 Monterey

I have a late 2015 iMac that got a steady state drive in 2021. It works great. The problem is that it won’t take Ventura. For how long will my iMac be secure? For how long will Apple provide security updates?

I hate to replace a functional iMac, but a significant reason I am an Apple user is for the security and (supposed) privacy the company provides.

Monterey is still getting security updates from Apple. Don’t start worrying until those stop. :slightly_smiling_face:

My 2014 Mac mini is blocked at Monterey also so, for now at least, I’m staying on Monterey even on my M1 MacBook Air, for compatibility sake. Plus, people still report odd situations and annoyances with Ventura.

“ Apple doesn’t seem to have committed that to writing”

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Thanks. I’m worried that I won’t know when they stop.

The article forwarded by WayneG tells me that I’m likely good for 12-18 months, but: “Apple never tells its customers when a minor update is the last before entering the security update period, nor when a major version of macOS is receiving its last security update.”

Any ideas on the best way to keep on top of this?

Nope. Apple won’t tell us.The article gives us a reasonable expectation of a couple of years of security updates. Then functional XProtect and MRT tools into the unforeseeable future (until they become incompatible with the OS).

Apple’s official position is that we should keep our software up to date with the latest supported version. After that it is on each of us to decide what we are willing to risk with “out-of-date” and “unsupported” software and hardware.

Thanks all! I appreciate your time and thoughts.