Seeking a decent Clipboard manager app

I am seeking a clipboard manager that syncs between MacOS and iOS and does not come with a subscription.

I am moving away from Setapp and as such cannot use the Paste app.

Currently, the only app that comes to mind is Copied. Is there any other app that the community recommends?

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Despite having Setapp and the Paste app - I use LaunchBar for clipboard saving and retention.

Yes, you could use LaunchBar or Alfred if you’r only using the Mac. I have Alfred but I use Copy’Em as a supercharged Mac/iOS multiple-clipboard app with text transformations, screenshot capabilities and other functionality.

I’ve used the Mac app for five years, I think. (The iOS app just came out earlier this year.) The Mac app is a flat $9.99, the iOS app is free, but if you want to unlock the iOS app and share clipboards there is a $6.99/yr subscription.

If you’re looking for a Mac-only app the only other app I recommend, which has similar features to Copy’Em, is PasteBot, form the maker of Tweetbot.

Have to agree. I’ve used Copy’em (formerly Copy’em Paste) since the iOS version was in beta, and the Mac version prior to that. I’ve had occasion to work with the developer, and he has always been very responsive. It’s always done very well across the platforms (I sync between 2 Macs and 2 iOS devices). Almost instant transfer of data and a lot of control over how you can deal with it. There’s a quick tutorial at ScreenCastsOnline that gives you a quick overview. It’s a year old, but gives you a good intro to the app. Not sure if the iOS version was included at that time since it is relatively new.

I gather you do not sync with iOS or is there a way to do that?

It has iCloud sync in both Mac and iOS. As I said, the sync is almost instantaneous.

LaunchBar doesn’t have iOS sync. That’s actually never been a feature I’ve really needed.

Alfred does this and a boatload of other stuff, such as search, file handling, workflows, you name it. Spotlight on steroids. The basic functionality is free, if I remember correctly, including the clipboard.

I still can’t decide between Alfred vs LaunchBar :thinking:

I think you just have to pick one and commit. After using LaunchBar for so long, I can’t use Alfred. It doesn’t work the way my fingers do!

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True. Leaning towards Alfred at the moment.

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The only reason I am not using Launchbar is that you can‘t search more than one word, really (at least that‘s how I know it). In Alfred you can type several words behind each other and watch the list adapt. You can also discriminate between search and file search, which is a great help if you‘re particularly searching for files.
Alfred is also slightly jumping ahead with offering actions you can enact while being in the file browser (which is pretty cool). But just as @iApple and @Drewster said, it all comes down to muscle memory.

I’m currently using Raycast as my preferred Clipboard manager.
(I’m also trying it out as an Alfred alternative)

I used Launchbar for a very long time and loved it.

Right nowI am using Alfred which is certainly just as good AND the basics are free.

Houdah is really neat if you really want to discover a file, app, whatever. Most impressive.