Seeking compact Apple keyboard (A1242)

Hello MPU community :: I am looking for a small wired Apple keyboard without a numerical keypad. Model number is A1242. It was available about 10 years ago and I would love to have one again! Every one wants wireless nowadays! Got one I can give a home to or know of possible sources? Thanks

If you really want a wired Apple Keyboard, you can use a Magic Keyboard plugged in all the time.
But I would rather use it wireless, battery life is very good.

eBay seems to be a good source

Some years ago I ended up with about 50 iMacs with the A1242 keyboards by mistake. Literally no one in my company would use them, except me. Apple replaced them overnight for free. I still have one that I use when troubleshooting problems.

I’ll have to second @rebornrock get the Magic Keyboard, if using a wireless KB is a possibility. The feel is, IMO, identical to the A1242 and the battery seems to last forever.

But, if you need wired, there are some still around. I googled wired keyboard and found this:

I still have one of these hooked to my 2007 iMac in the garage, with a trackball plugged into one of the USB ports on the keyboard.

It’s no longer as pretty as it once was, but it still works a charm, and I never have to worry about recharging it.

Yes, Apple’s current Magic Keyboard is great (I’m using one right now), and can be used plugged in, but it’s also ~$100 new or ~$75 used, which feels like a lot to me.

@rlamarch @WayneG @rebornrock @tjluoma. Thank you all for your wise words and guidance. I chose to stick it out and found a A1242 locally (CA) and just ordered it. Cheers