Seeking consultant to (deeply) integrate Discourse and WordPress

I am hoping that someone in MPU-land has either done some work to integrate Discourse into WordPress or can make a referral to someone who is in your circle. We (Foundation for Intentional Community :: want to go way beyond the relatively simple connection made between Discourse and their standard WordPress plugin.

I look forward to hearing back with any resources, ideas and introductions.
Thank you

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There’s a plug-in: WP Discourse – WordPress plugin |

It’s on the Discourse Integrations page.

You may also want to check out the Discourse user forums!

Thank you @RosemaryOrchard and nice to hear from you. We have discovered those resources and I thought to reach out here too. Open Source software makes many more things possible and we are exploring integrations with other services we offer. Can you make referrals to developers who work at the intersection of Discourse and WordPress?

Thank you

Yes, they’re on Discourse Meta. Feel free to ask there.

Even better, your SEO matters might already be covered thanks to Bing.