Seeking Free or Low Fee Google Hangouts alternatives for small groups (2-15)

I am helping a small nonprofit which is now looking for an alternative audio/video conferencing service to Google Hangouts - which frequently falls short.

What free or low fee Google Hangouts alternatives for small groups (2-15) can you recommend?

You could try if your calls are relatively short.

Free for 3+ people for 40 mins video & conference calls


If they’re on Mac/iOS FaceTime can handle a couple dozen people at once.

Another option is Discord, which offers a freemium option.

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Another recommendation for Zoom. I’ve tried many of these solutions over the years and Zoom is by far the best solution out there. I’ve been using it for years and have hosted meetings with up to 75 people spread across the globe.

As @AFC mentioned, there’s a free tier. One-on-one meetings are unlimited and meetings with 3+ participants (up to 100) are limited to 40 minutes (if you need more time you can start another meeting immediately after the 40 minutes is up).

This restriction can be removed and you can gain access to more features by upgrading to Pro ($14.99/month). More info on pricing here:

They may also have a non-profit rate.

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