Seeking iMac riser recommendations

Anyone have recommendations for a riser for an iMac? I’m 6’ 2" and find myself slumping down to get my eyes in the right place vertically.
I’m looking for something stable, nice looking, but not visually distracting. That is, a wire mesh drawer full of goodies wouldn’t be a good idea for me.

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If you have some budget this is really nice:

There are several glass or wood stands on Amazon. Just check their weight limits.

I use an original Apple TV and an original Time Capsule stacked on top of each other, haha.


I have and like:

iQunix Spider Thick Aluminum Monitor Stand Computer Riser Silver Holder…

It’s one of the few of this style that’s strong enough to support a 27" iMac. Availability is intermittent though (currently out of stock at Amazon but maybe it’s available elsewhere).

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For my iMac, I used a 2x12 mounted on Ikea Capita legs.

If you want a simpler, lower cost solution, I’d recommend reams of paper.


You can also go all out and build yourself a new desk with a butcherblock table top on a adjustable frame :wink:


Grovemade has some great ones… I personally have their desk shelf.

They may or may not be pricey depending on your budget, but they’re handmade and incredibly nice.

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Yeah, I was thinking about buying a couple of 2018 Mac Minis to stack and use as a riser :wink:

This looks good, and would give my backup drive a home too. A bit spendy, but nice.


Saw that when you originally posted, very nice! Also the reason my girlfriend will have a shelf with a light strip over her craft table!

I’m 6’ and for the last 5 years have used this $19 Monoprice riser. (I think it cost $14 in 2014.)


I definitely like the Eames-inspired molded plywood. Hm…

Tried a temp riser out for a bit before I built or bought something more permanent, but it was too “afterthought” for me. I’d suggest a wall mount, if you can.





I thought iMacs didn’t have VESA mounts anymore. Is this an adapter you found?
I have a Pro, so could buy the VESA adapter, but I don’t like the arm clamped to my desk. Also, $80 is ridiculous for a piece of sheet metal and a few screws.

Just curious if you (or others) have one of the wool desk pads, and how you think it would work to use a mouse directly on it, rather than with one of their mouse pads.

You can custom order the iMac with a VESA mount

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I do have one of the small desk pads that fits neatly underneath the iMac when not in use.

It’s great for easily sliding my keyboard, mouse, and Magic Trackpad out of the way when I want to use that area for my iPad or MacBook. However, it is not a great surface for mousing. When I have it slid out, I typically use my Magic Keyboard and (original) Magic Trackpad on it. That Magic Trackpad then has to be used in tap-to-click mode because actually pressing down doesn’t really work when it’s on the soft surface of the desk pad. I typically just use my mouse somewhere else on the desk becaue the surface doesn’t provide uniform tracking due to the texture.

I just think of it as a way to keep things looking nice and organized and it makes it easier to push the iMac’s input devices out of the way when I don’t need or want them.

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Okay, didn’t know that.
His had a stand though, and it seems to be an either/or situation.

Well, my iMac is a 2011 so that makes things a little easier for me. :wink: I did see wall mount adapters for the “non removable base” iMacs (this for example) on Amazon, which I would have purchased had I not been able to remove the base on my iMac.

I’ve never seen a wool desk pad, but I built my desk myself and skinned it with 12"x36" cork tiles which are at once resilient and “soft” enough to be comfortable to the touch and safe to use as a mouse pad.

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I’ve always liked how this one looked.

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Brilliant recommendation

Well, 3 years later, I am wondering what you went with. I have searched the heck out of sit/stand desks, desk “adapters” etc. I think I’m going to think about the ikea feet attached to a piece of wood. But I do wonder if anyone has seen this cool gadget? i360