Seeking the name of a screenshot stitcher application

Some time ago I used to have an application that would allow me to take a series of screenshots and as I took them it would place them in a document. I could then open the document in the application and modify those screenshots (annotate, resize, crop) as well as draw linking arrows and explanatory text alongside the screenshots.

For the life of me I cannot remember what the software was called, it’s an age thing!

I realise I could do something similar with Pages or Word and a bit of work, but this application made it much easier. It was designed to help put together software user guides.

Does anyone have any ideas? Please!

I think you’re thinking of Clarify-It which was discontinued.

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There is new application, similar to what Clarify-it did, that is in early beta mode (but working OK) that you might want to test out: Folge.

A more fully-featured alternative – which supports making visual guide – is Snagit.


Another vote for Snagit. It has a a very rich feature set, including a Template feature that may fit the bill nicely for this use case.

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After several years of thinking about it, I finally bought Clarify-It about 3 months before it was announced it was End of Life.

Wah wah

SnagIt does all those things now, Clarify-It was a great 32-bit app, now discontinued. SnagIt’s developer TechSmith also has a nice free lite screenshot utility called Jing which they don’t advertise.

If you don’t need to join screenshots together SnapNDrag does all those other things and lets you organize sreenshots inside folders too, and its pro version lets you exports at varying sizes and formats and apply borders.

Another option is Capto (formerly known as Voila).


Tailor, in the iOS App Store

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There is a new app called Picsew that you might take a look at (@Picsew).

@sgclark @Tim_Phelan I thought we were talking about macOS apps. None of those iOS apps included resizing and annotation.

If you’re looking for a standard iOS stitching app, for years I’ve had on my iPhone Picsew, Stitch It!, Pic Stitch, and LongScreen, usually resorting to the first two of those.

Thank you all. Realised I have Snagit, so upgraded to the 2020 version and it works great for what I want!

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Good to know, and my sympathies TJ :frowning: … ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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