Selecting text on iOS iPad and iPhone is super annoying. Is it just me?

I’m curious to know whether any of you people using the beta of iOS 14 can tell me whether they sorted out the irritating fiddly business of selecting the text when the text box suggests alternative text which is indicated by the blue dashes underneath the words?

I never seem to be able to successfully select the text, and if I do it’s very hit and miss.

I’m sure everybody else must be experiencing this too. Is this something that they fixed?


I am not 100% sure, but I did not notice any changes in iOS 14 oder iPadOS 14.

They have changed a lot in 2019:

I try to use the “spacebar press and hold” on my iPhone. It helps. But it does not help in every situation. I am struggling with the three finger taps and gestures.

My issue is that it was different before iOS13 and I keep forgetting the “new ways”. The “bad ways” are being engraved in my memory and they are fiddly.

When using my iPad, I try to use a hardware keyboard when selecting and copying text. It works way better than any touch gesture ever could.

Selecting and changing parts of URLs in Safari on my iPhone literally seems to be impossible most of the time. It is driving me crazy. So, to answer your question: no, it is definitely not just you! :slight_smile:

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I haven’t noticed it being less annoying in iOS 14.
iOS 14 wants to capitalize the word ‘the’ which is super annoying and something I need to fix.

Have you submitted feedback via the feedback app? You should do that. :slight_smile:

I never would have expected to find issues like that in English given the fact that Apple’s execs use it all the time…

Sometimes, the German auto-correction is abysmal. When I dictate something via Siri, it can happen that I will see quite good results on the screen while I am talking. As soon as I stop talking, the famous machine learning :wink: steps in and “corrects” what had been understood correctly before. Sometimes, those corrected words do not even exist, they are utter nonsense. It is crazy and frustrating. The same is true when typing perfectly fine words and the auto-correction suggests words that do not exist or are misspelled. But that is nothing that started with iOS 14 for me. This was one of the reasons why I installed the beta: I hoped to see improvements and I thought that it would be a good chance to provide feedback (which I did). Sometimes, I catch myself really pondering if disabling auto-correction would lead to better results for me. But I digress… :slight_smile:

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So it’s a little better in German than most other languages then?

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Yes? No? I don’t know. :joy:

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It got worse in IOS and iPad OS 13 unfortunately. It’s never been as good since IOS 12

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Agree. They said they finally figured it out with iOS 13, but honestly, I don’t understand how their solution is supposed to work. I miss the magnifying glass; I’m now using trackpad mode all the time.