Selectively clear Browser History

Several years ago I left the company that I’d worked at for many years. While at the company and on their computer(s), I’d use my iCloud ID so that I could read my email, access my bookmarks, contacts, etc. for convenience sake. Fast forward 4 years, and I’m still seeing Safari browser history for sites connected to the company. For instance, if I type “company”, I’ll get “”, “”, “”, and myriad other things that I no longer have a want or need for. Is there any way to selectively clear these suggestions from my browser history?

I’m on Monterey in the compact mode of Safari. I can Show All History, enter a search term, select all the history items that match the term and that I want to get rid of, and then hit the Delete key.

Then when I’m typing in Safari’s address/search field, I may still get hits from “Top Hits” and DuckDuckGo suggestions, etc. but I can turn off sources like this on the Search tab of Safari preferences.

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