Selling a rare vintage PowerBook 170

Hi fellow Mac lovers,

a few years ago I received a rare vintage PowerBook 170, still perfectly operational, with all the OS and some applications floppies.

This is the type of machine I have, except that it has a standard QWERTY keyboard and not the Kanji one like it’s visible in the pictures. Not sure if there was a keyboard swap at any given point in time, surely not from the person I got it from.

This 2017 article from @ismh’s 512 Pixels has a few more details:

Since I don’t have a use for this machine, I wonder if anyone here knows how the vintage Mac market works, and could give me a hint on how to look for interested people in this unique and perfectly operational machine.

Looking forward to any idea one might have!

Many thanks,


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Very nice!
In addition to people here, people on Reddit could probably advise you on where to sell. I would imagine eBay, but there may be specialty shops too.

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I would donate or sell this to a museum that would preserve it and keep it long term to do such a rare device justice.

Oh, mama. I’ve always loved these. A lot of collector stuff just ends up on eBay. Occasionally I’ll see emails to myself and others when a more unique item shows up.

Is it still covered by AppleCare?