Send emails to Contacts group from Mail app?

I thought that once upon a time, I could type the name of a group from Contacts, and the TO: field would automatically populate in It seems like that’s not the case anymore, and I can’t tell why. Is it because I’m trying to do it with a Smart Group? Or is that not something that can be done anymore?

I have no issues typing the name of a contact group (maintained in Contacts) in Mail, and the group automatically expands to the email addresses of all the members of the group. This works in the To:, Cc: and Bcc: fields in Mail.

So, it works.

Perhaps you could post a screen grab of what you’re trying?

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Same for me. I use the feature constantly.

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Thanks. I’ll try a reboot and see what I can make work. I once used it with no problems at all, and I’ve created the smart groups in Contacts, and I’m using the mail app to type the name of the Group in there.

I’ll look at it again later.

If the people of a group like that are not already very familiar with each other, it is a nice consideration to put the addresses into BCC, instead of TO or CC, so the addresses are not unintentionally spread.

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Thanks for this comment and your consideration! That’s a practice I’m trying to implement.

This is a committee that already has each other’s addresses, and they need to easily hit “reply all,” and I need to easily make sure everyone is included when I send the emails out.

My comment was not especially for your situation, but I think it is something everybody might consider, while sending Mails to different people nowadays.

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Thanks, everyone, for your help. It seems like the problem I was facing is that I can’t send an email to a ‘Smart Group’ that’s been created in Contacts. It needs to be an actual group that has been put together manually. That seems like kind of a bummer, but I guess it’s something I’ll work around.

If I create a smart group within my apple contacts app (I hope this is the English name? That brown icon with the registers on the right), I can right-click on it and have a menuepoint to send an E-Mail toward this group.
If I click on that, I have all adresses from that group within the TO field of the Apple Mail App.