SentinelOne on the Mac?

I am a tried and True Mac guy since 1986!! We just purchased new Mac Mini for our front office and our IT provider is saying we need to install SentinelOne for them to help us set up printers. This is also apparently Antivirus software (in my experience, the only viruses on a Mac is the Anti-Virus software).

Reaching out to anyone with any knowledge and experience with SentinelOne on the Mac? Thanks!!!

We tested the SentinelOne endpoint last year. Not a positive experience for typical users. Hope you can get the help you need without having to install it.

This is really doesn’t make sense and as someone working in this overall field I cannot see any obvious linkage to SentinelOne and printer setup.

SentinelOne is an enterprise Endpoint Detection and Response product (EDR), similar to Crowdstike or Microsoft Defender.

EDR is an essential capability these days for many companies, so I’m not saying for overall cyber hygiene and posture you shouldn’t have these technologies, just that the specific scenario makes no sense at all.

I would be asking for some kind of justification as to the linkage with helping with printer setups.

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