Separate work user account - Same iCloud account or new iCloud account through family sharing?


I’d like to use my Mac for some work stuff, mainly for checking email, Omnifocus, and my writing/research. But I would like to have my work and personal separate, as if I was on a separate computer.

I have created a separate user account, but logged in to my own personal iCloud account. In hindsight, I don’t really need/want my personal iCloud on my work profile.

I have family sharing, with one unused family member on my account. I am thinking that I could just create a family member for a work profile, that way all my apps carry over but everything else is separate. Do you think that is overkill and/or is there anything I’m missing by doing that?


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Unless I was the boss of my own small business, I wouldn’t mix work and business documents on the same machine or device. Most companies of any size can know anything about you and the devices that you connect to their networks and servers, so why make it easy for them? This separation became easier once work laptops were commonly assigned and I could always bring mine home from the office.

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I think that the separate Mac account approach is a good one, but you need either to only set up a local mac account which is not linked to an Apple ID, or setup an Apple ID you’ll only use for work.