Separating View and Click in BetterTouchTool Touch Bar buttons

The I :heart_eyes: Touch Bar post reignited my desire to have the Touch Bar be useful. I’ve found/created a few useful ones. I found a script that gets the current song and artist from iTunes and returns it. This is great! But, I would love it so that if I clicked on the button, it would open iTunes. Does anyone know how to do this/know if this is possible?

It might help if you post the script - if it’s just Applescript you can add the following line at the beginning and it should work:

tell application “iTunes” to activate

You can also assign multiple steps in BTT, so maybe step one opens iTunes, step two runs your script

@GraemeS Thanks! Took me a while to figure this out but knowing it was possible to have multi-step BTT buttons helped me figure it out.